To celebrate the end year, a family chose to have dinner at a restaurant reputed to offer delicious meals.  Wambui, a mother of three had dined at this restaurant before and had been very impressed.  She insisted that the family should dine at this restaurant and promised that they would not be disappointed.  By 6:30 they were seated and shortly after welcomed by a pleasant waiter named John.  After he left, it took another 15 minutes before another waiter named Charles came to take their orders.  They each made their order and the three children chose garlic steak and cheese burger with chips (fries).

Yet a THIRD waiter named James brought their food to the table, and got the placement of the meals wrong. The family had to exchange plates in order to get what they had each ordered. The garlic steak and “cheese” burger had no cheese and the steak had no garlic at all.  Some of the fries had gone cold as had some of the hot drinks while some of the cold ones ordered were not available; information which  was not relayed up front.

To say the dinner was a disappointment is an understatement. It was a total disaster. The promise of a memorable dinner for the family was ruined. Within no time everyone in the neighborhood knew about their unpleasant experience and clients to the restaurant eventually dwindled.

A careful look at the scenario would reveal that the chef was new and the previous one had not recorded the processes involved for preparing the various meals.  The supervisor had called in sick that day and since he normally allotted the tables, duties to waiters were allotted in a haphazard manner. No one waiter owned the orders from a single table and hence the mix-up. The chef and the supervisor had the processes in their head and in their absence, the service and delivery were disappointing.

In the building blocks workshop, we shall be training you on how you can map all your processes to give your customers consistent quality experience.  You will learn that without processes you will not deliver the same high quality and you will disappoint your clients.  For you to move your business to maturity, you will need to map out your processes.  You will need processes if you are to remain profitable, give consistent experience and even scale up your business.



Join us for an interactive workshop at Amber Hotel on the 17th March at 9:30 am on how and why you need to map your business processes