Introduction to Africa Business Blossoms

I ran a hair salon business for six years in Naro-moru town which is at the base of Mt. Kenya. My salon was the best in the town at that time. I worked elsewhere but had good employees and kept records and checked on the business every other evening. When it was time to move from Naro-moru to Nairobi, I left the business in the hands of a sister in law who at that time was not gainfully employed. In a few months after that the business went down and I only managed to salvage a few items, including a dryer, an ear piercing gun and 2 hair blow driers.

In hindsight, the only reason I had for starting this business was making money. I did not have a goal for it, and unfortunately was not depending on this business for my daily needs, hence the luckluster attention given to what would have been a viable business. I ran the business because that is what every one around me did. A few years down the road, I checked on the cashflow of the business and was shocked to see the amount of money we made on a daily basis. We averaged Kes 7000 daily less expenses. I could not account for what I did with that money. If I had a goal, processes and stakeholders instead of employees, the business would have served me better and would probably be making money for me even today.

Reading the book ” Making Money is Killing your Business” I was quick to see why my hair salon business went under. I did not need to have a 20 page business plan, and I could easily have developed a two page strategic plan, that would have included my vision, my mission, my BMD (Business Maturity Date) and my money making strategies. Chuck Blakeman the author and founder of Crankset Group (USA) has captured all the essentials of running a small business or a medium sized business. He talks about focusing on the Priority of the important versus the tyranny of the urgent and concurs with another author Michael Hyatt, who espouses on the need for engaging in a perpetual pursuit of what is important as opposed to the undisciplined pursuit of more.

In 2014, I was able to travel to the USA and got trained by Chuck Blakeman and his Crankset Group on how to run, the 3to5 Clubs, and other offerings that will help a business owner, own his business instead of the business owning him or her.

Africa Business Blossoms has been created to offer that platform that allows one to mature their business so that it is able to give them not only money, but time and allow them to pursue their lifetime goals.

Join other business owners to create network (3to5 clubs) where you have the freedom and security to say, I do not know. Together you will learn on how to mature your business using the four building blocks of a mature business, which include a 2pg strategic plan.



Written by:

Esther Muthoni

Managing Director,

Africa Business Blossoms