Blinding flash of the obvious are valuable lessons members of the 3 to 5 club learn at a workshop in short we call them BFOs.

BFO’s ( Blinding Flush of the Obvious) for the Website

17th January 2018 at Karen Inn & Suites

Julian of Jalapix “  I have learnt that Random Hope is not a good business Strategy, one has to be intentional”

Gillian of Imani Child “ that answering the Big Why of Business will help us Mitigate Risks”

Ken Bacia  of Bushbuck Adventures  “  I now realize that I have been very busy focusing on he Tyranny of the Urgent and never once answering the ‘Why ‘ of the business.  I think this is the reason God wanted me to come hear.

Maryanne Bara of Flex Car Mart “ The idea of planning for my business is very appealing.  I have just been running the business, but now I will work on a plan

Susan of Rokenia’s Kitchen “ Now I know where I was going wrong, and not focusing on the important things.  The Idea that I can train others to do the business is very helpful.

Wanjiru of Dhana Vito  “  With the Idea of the 2 page Strategic Plan, I see you are working with the end in mind.  You are working backwards, 12 months objective, 3 months , this month.  Easy to work when you can see the goal clearly.

Agneta  Achieng of Imani Child “  When one has clarity on the vision, it is easy to focus and not get distracted by the tyranny of the urgent.


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