The 3-5 Club is a strategic alliance of business owners who have an objective of building mature businesses in the next 3 to 5 years of operation.

The top benefits include:

1.Building a business that will give you Time and Money enabling you to pursue your lifetime goals

2. Monthly Workshops that help you in building a mature business

3. Building a network of Lumberjacks of those that go to the forest to bring you potential clients to give you steady stream of clients

4. Develop a culture of success

5. Helping you map your processes or creating freedom for you and your employees (stakeholders

6. Creating a safe environment where business owners can say ‘I don’t know’ and be ready to learn from one another

7. Access to a Crankset Group USA trained facilitator 

8. Getting outside eyes to speak into your business i.e. free consultancy

The next 3to5 Club session will be held soon.

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